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Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz: A Festive Twist on a Trendy Classic

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It’s the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than by putting a festive spin on a popular drink? Enter Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz – a delightful concoction that combines the trendy Aperol Spritz with the rich flavors of pomegranate, adding a touch of holiday magic to your glass.

pomegranate aperol spritz garnished with orange twist

Aperol Spritz: A Worldwide Favorite

Discovering the Aperol Spritz, thanks to my sister Fran, opened up a world of flavor that I couldn’t resist.

Now, it’s my turn to share a new creation with her – an Aperol Spritz elevated with the addition of the exquisite Pama Pomegranate Liqueur.

This simple addition takes the drink to a whole new level, making it a perfect Christmas Cocktail.

pomegranate aperol spritz in large wine goblet


  • 1 Shot Aperol
  • 1 Shot of Pama Pomegranate Liqueur
  • 2 Shots Champagne
  • 1 Splash Club Soda
  • Garnish:
    • 10 Seeds Pomegranate
    • 1 Twist Orange (cut a generous twist from a large orange)

Winter Wonder in a Glass

Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz not only captures the holiday spirit but also embodies the essence of winter.

The vibrant colors and rich flavors make it a perfect companion for cozy evenings by the fire or festive gatherings with loved ones.

Quick and Easy Preparation

ingredients for pomegranate aperol spritz

This delightful holiday cocktail takes mere minutes to prepare.

With just one shot of Aperol, one shot of Pama, approximately two shots of champagne, and a splash of Club Soda, you can craft a beverage that will become your new seasonal favorite.

The key is in the presentation – serve it in a large goblet filled with ice and garnish with pomegranate seeds and a big twist of orange for that perfect Christmas touch.

Perfect Pairing

Versatile and delicious, Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz complements a variety of appetizers.

Whether you’re planning a festive gathering or a cozy night in, this drink pairs effortlessly with any culinary creation.

Need inspiration for appetizers? Check out my Christmas appetizer list for delectable ideas that perfectly complement this holiday libation.

Serving Tips

For those hosting a party, consider premixing the Aperol and Pama to simplify the serving process.

Pour two shots of the mixture into each glass, top off with champagne, add a splash of seltzer, and you’re ready to toast to the season.

However, making individual servings is just as easy and ensures each drink is crafted to perfection.

close up of pomegranate aperol spritz


I hope you savor every sip of this Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz as much as I do.

Embrace the winter wonder and holiday spirit by trying something new, and let this creation become a festive tradition in your Christmas celebrations.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Prancer’s Pomegranate Aperol Spritz

A festive twist on a popular cocktail. The Aperol Spritz is the new in drink but with a little pomegranate liqueur it's Holiday ready in minutes!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 1


  • 1 Shot Aperol
  • 1 Shot Pama Pomegranate Liqueur
  • 2 Shots Champagne
  • 1 Splash Club Soda


  • 10 Seeds Pomegranate
  • 1 Twist Orange Cut a generous twist of orange from a large orange


  • Fill a large goblet with ice
  • Add Aperol, Pama, Champagne and splash of Club Soda
  • Mix with spoon and garnish with 5-10 pomegranate seeds and a generous twist of orange
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  1. 5 stars
    Love it! Not too sweet and very refreshing! Great combination of flavors with the Pomegranate liqueur. I used one that’s French and a Prosecco! I’m making this a go to holiday drink!

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