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Champagne for New Year’s Eve

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Cheers to the upcoming New Year! As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, there are so many decisions to make…should we stay in? What to wear? What to serve?

One decision I never have to make its what to drink..always Champagne!! I love to drink champagne just in an elegant flute.

Join me as we navigate the delightful world of champagne, and make your New Year’s Eve celebration truly special.

Prosecco vs. Champagne

The first decision of the day—Prosecco or Champagne?

Prosecco has a little less alcohol content and is usually made in Italy. My two favorites are very low in price but are quite tasty.

My favorite is LaMarca. This bottle usually sells for around $12.99 and is easily found at your grocery store or even at Target. I also like Mionetto which is even cheaper.

I find this at Binny’s and it is often on sale. Both are a Brut which is a dry and not sweet.

Prosecco is always a great choice, but for me on New Year’s my choice is always going to be champagne! 

Choosing the Right Champagne

Of course you could spend $100’s on a bottle but that is unfortunately not in my budget. So, here are my recommendations for good champagne from around $14.00 to as high as $75.00.

They price goes up from left to right with Taittinger’s being the most expensive of my choices.

I’m a pretty simple kind of girl…expensive taste with a low budget so for me it’s going to be Korbel this year!

I love Korbel as it’s affordable but yummy! I only drink Brut champagne so you have to look at the label to decide what you like. Brut is dry and is the least sweet champagne available.

So for me it’s always the white label. As you can see there’s different choices so make sure you grab the right one!

Selecting the Perfect Glassware

The last decision of the day—what type of glass suits your style? For me, it’s always a flute. I was fortunate enough to receive beautiful crystal flutes as a wedding gift, and I make it a point to use them every New Year’s Eve! But, there are a few considerations when it comes to selecting the perfect glass for your champagne experience.


The classic choice for many, champagne flutes are elegant and elongated, showcasing the bubbles rising through the liquid. I find that the shape helps retain the effervescence, making each sip a delight. If you’re into the traditional and refined, the flute is the way to go.

Stemless Flute

While not my personal preference, stemless flutes have their merits.

They are convenient, especially in a lively setting with a potentially rowdy bunch.

However, be mindful that holding the glass directly can bring down the temperature of the champagne.

If durability and stability are what you seek, this might be the ideal choice for your celebration.

Coupe Glass

A champagne coupe is a beautiful, saucer-shaped glass with a broad bowl. Some swear by its ability to enhance the tasting experience, especially for champagne cocktails.

The wider surface area allows your senses to fully appreciate the aroma and flavors. If you’re planning on crafting champagne-based cocktails, a coupe might be the perfect canvas.

Remember, the glass you choose can contribute significantly to your overall champagne enjoyment. Whether you go for the timeless flute, the practical stemless flute, or the artistic coupe, the right glassware can elevate your New Year’s celebration.

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect glass, it’s time to raise a toast and welcome the New Year in style! Cheers and Happy New Year!

Setting the Scene

As we prepare for the night, it’s not just about the drink.

Elevate your celebration with some elegance. Here are some of my favorite appetizers to go along with my New Years Champagne:

Crab Delights

Shrimp Balls

Shrimp Cocktail


Well ladies it’s time to go get your nails done and stop on the way home and pick up some Champagne and make some yummy appetizers if you’re staying in like me!

Let’s all ring in the New Year in style and hope it brings us all good health, happiness and Peace in this crazy world we’re living in! Cheers and Happy New Year!

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